BiFuran® - A proprietary formulation of active ingredients that provides more effective and rapid impact than traditional single ingredient water treatments.

Bio-Bandage® - The world's first patented, underwater bandage for aqautic life.  Bio-Bandage® offers a 3-part patch that cleanses the treated area, infuses neomycin in to the damaged area to reduce the chances of infection and infuses a vitamin and mineral complex to aid new skin growth.  A revolutionary product to repair damaged or infected areas of fish in a fast and effective manner without having to treat all the inhabitants at the same time.  This patented technology also offers other opportunities in custom formulations for a wide variety of applications.

ClorAm-X® - the premier water conditioner for aquatic use that breaks the chloramine bond and removes and detoxifies the residual chlorine and ammonia rendering it harmless to aquatic life and eliminating its return unlike other products which only remove the chlorine or manipulate the pH to make the ammonia non-toxic temporarily.  Best off all this product can be used up to 10 times the recommended dose safely.  It also is the only product of this type on the market to have a letter of determination from FDA.  ClorAm-X® is available in liquid and powdered forms and is used by many public aquariums around the world due to its proven effectiveness, reliability and safety.

ClorAm-X® Logo a registered trademark of ®AquaScience Technologies & Research, Inc.

Malawi Salts® - Formulated additives to closely duplicate the various environments of Lake Malawi.

NewPond® - A formulation that makes pond water safe for aquatic life including koi, goldfish, frogs, tadpoles and other aquatic creatures. 

ShipShape® - A formulation that provides protection for aquatic animals being shipped from one location to another.  It significantly reduces the chances of ammonia burn or rapid pH drop in the shipping bag.

Ultimate® - the world's original and first full function water conditioner for aquatic use.  Using the ClorAm-X® technology and adding a 3-part protective slime-coat that closely duplicates a fish's natural slime, detoxifies heavy metals including copper, detoxifies nitrite, boosts alkalinity.  All these actions "instantly age" the water.  No other product can offer

Custom Formulations - We offer a wide range of custom formulations for a number of major suppliers of fish keeping products around the world.  We look forward to assisting your firm too!