Thank you for visiting ®AquaScience Technologies & Research, Inc. we very much appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your team. We specialize in custom formulation, packaging, product development and specialized offerings for companies looking to expand their product offering with liquid, powdered or gel-based products.  We have extensive experience in products related to keeping the environment aquatic life is kept in top condition whether it be in an in home aquarium, public aquarium, aquaculture environment or in large bodies of water.

We offer a number of trademarked and patented products including ClorAm-X® the only water conditioner available today that has a letter of determination. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with all the information necessary to help you make ideal product choices for your client base.

We can be reached at (816) 776-5100 or via fax at (816) 776-5105.  Of if it's more convenient for you please email us at info@AquaScienceTech.com.  We are located at 203 Industrial Drive, Richmond, MO 64085-2444.  We are looking forward to hearing from you and becoming your supplier of choice for products related to aquatic environment maintenance.

For more information about our company and its principals, please visit the about us page by clicking the link to the left.


®AquaScience Technologies & Research, Inc. (AST) manufactures several products that are: (1) entirely proprietary formulations, and/or (2) are protected by one or more U.S. and foreign patents.  We sell these products through customers throughout the world.  AST's products are sold to its customers under the specific condition that the products will reach the ultimate end-users as they are formulated and supplied by AST, complete with all the original packaging, labels, product data sheets, MSDS or any other information.

Without a written license from AST, none of AST's products may be sold as a re-labeled, repackaged, reformulated or remanufactured product; or as an ingredient or component in another product; or as part of a kit; or included in a collection of chemical products.  AST will review all requests for licensing and will issue only those, which, in the sole descretion of AST's management, are considered to be reasonable.  The exact terms of any given license will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  There will be certain minimum requirements in every such license issued; these will include:

(1) AST's prior approval of all product or process label copy (including, but not limited to, advertising copy, internet content, product data sheets, and/or material safety data sheets).

(2) Labels and literature for products or processes covered by US and/or foreign patents must clearly show the applicable patent numbers.

(3) Labels for products that contain our product ClorAm-X® must either display a statement similar to: "contains ClorAm-X® (registered trademark of ®AquaScience Technologies & Research, Inc., Richmond, MO 64085, USA, or the following logo of genuineness:


"Not Genuine Without This Logo" - Trademark of ®AquaScience Technologies & Research, Inc., Richmond, MO 64085, USA

in either color (as shown here) or in grayscale (the statement above may be omitted if the statement "Manufactured and distributed under [PATENT NUMBER & ISSUING COUNTRY(S)] and license from ®AquaScience Technologies & Research, Inc., Richmond, MO 64085, USA").

Individuals, companies or organizations wishing to apply for licensing from AST must contact us directly using the contact tab to the left above.